Nail Treatments

Our range of nail treatments for the hands and toes instantly give a touch of glamour. Sit back, relax and unwind in our salon whilst our therapists achieve your desired look.

NexGen Extensions £28.00

Lasting up to 21 days, this improved form of acrylic is full of Vitamins to help natural nails grow and strengthen. Choose your length,
colour and shape that is perfect for you.

NexGen On Natural Nails £23.00

Nexgen is a form of acrylic that can last up to 21 days. It is full of Vitamin C & E to help your natural nails to grow and strengthen. Our therapists will perfect your choice of shape and colour.

Soak off with reapplication £5.00

Soak off with no reapplication  £10.00

Our therapists will carefully remove any old Acrylic or Shellac nails, ensuring they are filed down and smoothed over in preparation for a new set of nails, or to leave as natural.

Gel Hands £18.00

Gel Toes £15.00

This treatment can last up to 14 days with no smudging, chipping or lifting. Our therapists will ensure all nails are prepped and perfected and are finally completed with gel polish for a high gloss finish.

Signature Manicure £25.00

Our signature manicure starts with using special creams, scrubs and massage techniques to leave the hands and nails looking and feeling healthy. Finished with a polish.

Deluxe Manicure including gel finish £32.00

This includes all the same as our Signature manicure and includes heated mittens and massage, leaving the hands and nails looking and feeling great. Finished with gel polish to give a high gloss finish.

Pedicure £25.00

Our pedicure treatments use special tools, scrubs, creams and massage techniques to leave your toenails and feel healthy and hydrated. Treatment is completed with a polish.

Deluxe pedicure including gel finish £32.00

Our treatment includes the use of tools, scrubs, creams and massage techniques to leave your toe nails and feet are healthy and hydrated. Treatment completed with a gel polish  to create a glossy finish.

File & Polish £12.00

Quickly improve the appearance of tired and uneven nails. Perfect your nails with your
choice of shape and colour. For French polish please add £2.00 to this treatment. Please note we do not provide flip flops.

Mini me mani ‘for under 10 years old’ £8.00 

Nail art add on from £5.00 

Builder gel add on £5.00

Builder gel nails naturals £23.00 

Builder gel on extensions £28.00 

Builder gel infill £20.00

Add on Exfoliating hand treatment £10.00